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Tubelords last ever show. 
Beer Pong.

I don’t need to say anything more.

Tubelords last ever show. 

Beer Pong.

I don’t need to say anything more.

The horrible, vile, stomach flipping news has come to light that Tubelord are breaking up. I remember I heard them first on a Camden Crawl mixed CD way back when I had blonde clip in fringe extensions and 4 studded belts. I have grown to adore them and now they have returned my love with heartbreak. Bad times, but we wish them all the luck x

~ Daithi ~

Daithí has been making waves in the Irish music scene for quite a while now, I first saw him play at the Whelans “Ones to Watch” festival and was completely blown away. Seeing this shaggy haired Scandanavian looking chap come on stage with a fiddle I was expecting some sort of Sigur Ros-esque rendition of the Moon soundtrack, I of course, was totally wrong with this assumption. An eclectic mix of classical, garage, dubstep and electro using synths, loop pedals and of course his trusty fiddle, he puts on an incredible show.

I caught up with Daithí recently for a little interview to see what’s been happening with him lately.

OK well number one I guess I have to say I’m in awe of your performances! How did you get into making music the way you do?

It started really simple, I started out with just a single loop station and the fiddle, and it has just grown from there. I started buying effects pedals to change the sound of the fiddle, because I wanted each loop to sound different, and then started buying drum machines to add a little extra, give it a bit more energy. I guess the major change that got me to where I am now was when I finally figured out how to use computers for music production and playing live, now I work my whole set through a computer, and loop everything through it. It means you can do so much more with the loops, and create synth parts that sync in rhythm, the technology is really amazing. Most electronic producers will start from a computer and then add stuff on to make a live show more interesting, I guess since I came from a different direction the live show stands out, its interesting to look at!

You’re mainly based in Galway right? Where do you find your biggest fanbase to be?

Yep I’m living in Galway at the moment. It’s a bit hard to say with the fanbase, I think I probably get the biggest crowds in Dublin, but that could be just down to the size of the city. One of the most important things to remember when playing in Ireland is to play a small amount of gigs, but advertise and play them well. I think if you play too much in one city your fanbase will just think ‘Oh I can catch that act next week, I dont have to go this time round’, playing hard to get is important. I think the fact that I live in Galway probably means that I get on OK in Dublin, as people don’t see me that often.

When did your initial boom in popularity happen? Did you just asked to play lots of gigs because of word of mouth?

Ha, a boom of popularity hasn’t happened yet I reckon. I guess the first credible time that people started getting interested in my music was when I got my manager, Gugai, he basically introduced me to the right people and got them to see me play, it really opened doors and got me to where I am now. Once I started playing in the right places its really started to pick up. Meeting other acts and musicians around helped aswell, if there is one thing Ireland has it’s a great musical community, everyone helps each other out.

Tell us more about your E.P and if you’re releasing anything more soon?

I released an E.P at the start of last year, it’s a really stripped back thing, nearly completely fiddle and drums. I’ve also just released a free track called Carraroe which features Elaine Mai on vocals, and a remix of ‘Tumbling’ by Young Wonder, this really great band from Cork.

I’ve spent the last year working on an album which I hope to release by the end of this year, i’ts the best thing I’ve ever done and there is so much work going into it, I’ve been testing out tracks in my live shows and its going down really well. I’m trying not to rush things, I want to take my time and make sure that I come out with something really strong, there is no point in rushing anything out. There is a lot more electronic stuff involved, much more varied in sound.

Brilliant news, so the album would be more like your live stuff? Have you ever thought of doing anything with visuals during a show?

Yep, The album will be very dancey and electronic, much like the live shows, guest vocalists too, I’m going to try and get a couple of singles together. I’ve done shows with visuals before, I’m good friends with Brendan Canty from Feel Good Lost and we have done a couple of shows together, they tend to go pretty well, however I kind of feel as though sometimes people who play electronic music use it as a cop out, it’s important that visuals go well with a live performance, not BE the the performance. I would prefer to have a live visual show but also something really interesting going on musically, I’m really interested in how SBTRKT, James Blake, Caribou and Slow Magic play live, live drums bring so much energy into a performance. Last year for Electric Picnic and Castle Palooza I had a live drummer for one or two tracks, it really makes a crowd go mental. But it has to be done properly, or else it just falls apart, especially with looped electronic stuff.

Daithí is playing the Forbidden Fruit Festival in June bank holiday. Be sure to go see him, no doubt he will blow you away like he’s done to us.

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~ Rejjie Snow / Lecs Luther ~

Our favourite Dubliner/Floridian rapper ‘Lecs Luther’ has announced his official name change, he now goes by the alias of ‘Rejjie Snow’. His twitter name is now @rejjiesnow and this name is staying for good this time. Snow let us in on the news that he will release a collaboration with London based King Krule. We are dying to hear the new material!

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35 F*****g Years of Punk

Saturday night last, (April 15th) a celebration of punk in Ireland went down. The Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street was the venue, and I had a BLAST! Bands that played were:

Loose Nut:

Pulled Apart:


Stick Around:


There was also a photography exhibition from the following:

Wally Cassidy
Anto (Loserdom) Dillion
Seanie Cahill
The Radiators
Steve Murray

The night was a total success, run by 5 Irish girls, it couldn’t of gone better! Especially the unreal DJ set by Demented Promotions man of action Stephen Mac Kell.

I managed in mid dance to talk to some of the members of the bands playing, in light of Andrew WKs recent show in Dublin I had his party tips on my mind, so I asked the artists what their party tip would be:

Colum, Boardwalk: “Pre-drink before your pre-drinks

Lee, Pulled Apart: “Bring more drink to the party than you can carry and know you can drink. Way more.

Liamy, Pulled Apart:Never go out unless you plan on puking

Joe, Crows: “Hang out with Jess Murphy (thanks Joe), Bring Bucky

I chatted to Joe about what’s been happening with Crows lately since the last interview. Needless to say after the amount of alcohol that was consumed the only informations I got was that they are doing a UK tour in July, hitting Edinburgh, Newcastle, London and Leeds. They have been writing lots and been getting loads of great feedback from shows.

Joe then did a little sketch of me:

Thanks Joe.

Well done to everyone involved on the night, it was excellent.

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White Collar Boy

I caught up with the boys from White Collar Boy for a chat before they release the new EP ‘Kinsale’.

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Brighton based punk trio GNARWOLVES have recorded their first music video. Keeping it DIY for life of course. The band consists of brothers Max and Thom Weeks and Charlie Piper. For fans of Bangers, Balance and Composure, Title Fight, The Sidekicks and Blakfish. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Bandcamp here:

They are starting a 10 day tour today so go see them and lose your nut.

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~ Django Django ~

Django Django first came to my attention when a good friend of mine was showing me random music videos he’d found on YouTube. The band were right up my alley with their eclectic mix of music, with vocal sounds similar to The Beach Boys and 80s pop rythms, the band has been put in the genre of “Folktronica”. On researching the band I found that there was not much information out there.

The band is made up of four lovely men that met in art school in Edinburgh; David McLean on drums, Vincent Neff on guitar, Jimmy Dixon on bass and Tommy Grace on synth. I caught up with multi-talented drummer and producer, David McLean while they were in New York at SXSW for a catch up to find out more about the band.

There is not much information about you lot out there yet, you’re still shiney and brand new, how did the band come about?

Well me, Vinny and Tommy were at art college in Edinburgh and Jim was at Glasgow art school. We all knew each other and would hang out but we never talked about making music together until much later when we all moved to London for various reasons. I met up with Vinny in the pub to talk to him about producing his songs. I’d been making dance music stuff on the computer in my bedroom for a year or so after singing 4-tracks and samplers in my teens. Vinny had been writing songs but had no production know-how so it seemed like a good idea to team up. The result was the track “Storm” which led to us being booked for a gig at 93 Feet East in London.

Did you play many shows before the one in 93? And I have to ask where did you get the name Django Django?

No that was out first ever show. We did loads of small shows after that. The name Django Django doesn’t mean much, we just needed a name for the MySpace page. I wanted a repeat name like Liquid Liquid and I had a rave record called Son of Django so took that. It has absolutely nothing to do with the gypsy guitar player (!) Someone in the press made up a story that we were named after him but it’s rubbish! Django is just a name.. It’s totally open to interpretation. It’s fun to say I guess.

People have compared you to The Beach Boys a lot, what bands or musicians do you take most of your inspiration from?

Yeah Brian Wilson is a huge influence. His production is amazing. I listen to lots of The Beach Boys instrumentals just to appreciate how the instrumentals were recorded. Personally I take a lot of inspiration from a wide range of music. I grew up obsessed with The Beatles then I got into Hip-Hop through Public Enemy and started Djing. After that I got into House, Techno and Jungle before delving into 60′s Soul, Funk, Rock n’ Roll, Garage and Reggae. So basically all these things are in the record collection and we draw inspiration from stuff depending on what we’re listening to. I’d say some of the inspirations that are quite important are Link Wray, Georgeo Moroder, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Arthur Russel, The Bomb Squad and Captain Beefheart, We’re going to Amoeba Music in LA today so I reckon I’ll be coming home with a large pile of vinyl!

Are you planning any shows in Ireland any time soon? There is massive interest in you right now, even my Dad loves you!

HaHa that’s cool! Well we played Dublin recently enough and the reaction from everyone was unreal! We really hope to come back soon, maybe for some festivals this summer but nothing has been 100% confirmed yet.

Fingers crossed they play lots of shows here this summer! Django Django are destined to be huge!

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~ Lecs Luther ~

Irish born and bred Alex Butler ie: Lecs Luther has been sneaking his way into our lives via Tumblr and Twitter, his video “Dia Dhuit” set the rapper into the public eye with his obvious talent for clever lyrics. Now living in Florida I got in touch with him for quite a bizarre little interview:

You obviously take massive influence from MF Doom, both in your style of rapping and pronunciation, would you say this is the greatest influence on the music you make?

 I’d say doing graffiti and stuff, all the crazy stories and adventures and things that happened and still is happening inspries me and shit lyrically, because my brain is like a fucking dictionary of things that went on. I really get so much from movies in the 90′s and stuff especially Quentin Tarentino movies they’re so vivid and colourful other than that I read a lot of poetry and it’s in the blood line.

Poets in the family?? You get a lot of criticism for saying your from Dublin and having one of your song titles in Irish but yet not rapping with a Dublin accent, have you lost your accent from living away or do you just find it easier to rap the way you do?

I mean you’ll all hear my proper thick accent with the album , most of the stuff that’s out there was something I was just having fun with and pocking my hand at different elements of hip hop but even I know to keep shit real and you’ll all be buzzin’ off my Eire tongue yo.

Haha okay and are you going to come home to perform anytime soon? You were meant to support Ghostpoet last month right?

I was supposed to support him in Cork on the 16th or so but I have school. I’m out of school in May with some awesome treats for the world yo.

*note: at this point in the interview Luther asked me to ask him some silly questions, and that he was bored of talking about his music*

What’s your favourite Easter egg?

Has to be a Wispa yo

If you had to pick one superpower what would it be?

Cure cancer for sure.

Who do you fancy the most in the world?

Rita Ora, without a doubt. She is perfect.

I definitely agree with that one, so everything is being kept very hush hush from you about stuff being released our up and coming shows, can you tell us ANYTHING?

I haven’t even played a show yet, but I’ll be releasing an album, Fish and Chips, really soon.

Well, there you have it, Wispas, Rita Ora and poetry, but still we are kept in the dark about new material coming out from Luther. No doubt summer we will see something big from him.

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~ Bad Brains ~

Premiering at this years SXSW Film Festival, the documentary Bad Brains: Band in DC documents the story of the infuntial band from the perspectives of names like Henry Rollins, Adam Yeuch and Ian MacKaye. This is the brief synopsis from the producers:

Bad Brains are one of the most important and influential American bands still working today. They melded punk and reggae into an innovative style that has yet to be copied. Their impact and influence can be heard in groups like Beastie Boys, No Doubt, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction and countless more. Despite the troubles of an eccentric front man they have stayed together for 30 years without ever reaching the level of success so many think they deserve. Using rare archival footage and original comic illustrations the film re-constructs Bad Brains’ rich and complicated history.

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~ Crows ~

The 5-piece “Heavy, discordant, fast, downtuned, hard rock” band from Dublin have been in the media eye a lot recently due to the recent controversy about their merchandise and opinions. We think there is a lot more to the band then just a T-shirt so we caught up with bassist Joe Breaker for a few questions:

How long has the group been together and how did you form?

We’ve been a band for around 17 months or so. Rob Summons (our old drummer and teenage heart throb) and David King did a then-decent demo tape and asked if anyone wanted to start a band on Moshspace. Moshspace is a message board used for all sorts, it can be used for putting together bands but unless you know the people on it, it generally doesn’t come to anything if you’re lookin for band members but it’s pretty handy for hardcore/pop punk gig listings and all that. Andrew and I joined the band on vocals and bass/vocals respectively and Sos joined around a year later on second guitar to fill out our sound.

So what future plans have you got and what’s happening with Crows right now? You did a split with Drainland recently right?

Right now we’re in the process of releasing a split 7″ with Drainland coming out on Suburban Mayhem Records. The release is on March 1st in Thomas House, Dublin. Pretty excited about it. We’ll also be doing dates in Cork and Galway that weekend with Drainland. We’ve got a new drummer – Aidan O’Hanlon (This Tongue is Poison) and we’re in the middle of writing a new album which will hopefully be ready for our summer euro tour!

That’s awesome, on the interview you did on Phantom 105.2 FM you mentioned you had the same sort of stance on politics and such as Black Flag did back in the day, can you elaborate on this a bit for those that don’t know the ethos behind hardcore music?

Well the Black Flag reference was more to do with controversy in popular culture be it through music or merchandising. Hardcore is intrinsically linked to social commentary and political criticisms, that isn’t to say that all hardcore music has to be about that, you get people pissed off about family, relationships, life situations etc.
It’s a form of musically venting in the rawest way possible in my opinion but no matter what a hardcore band’s music is about, it’s important to have that social conscience.

You mentioned the controversy when it comes to your merchandise. You recently released T-shirt of the late Gerry Ryan stating under his picture “Just Another Dead Junkie”. I know the papers went wild with this and you got interviewed on the radio and other media, can you talk to use a little bit more on the controversy?

The kneejerk reaction was initially a mixed bag. Some people wanted to take our heads some people wanted to shake our hands. Now after Andrew’s press release on Drop D – which was published verbatim it seems there was clarity on the matter and it quickly died. The trouble was with the Irish media paraphrasing and for the most part completely unethically making things up although it did serve to prove a point of media sensationalism. It became a game of Chinese Whispers, where no one did any actual research. Fantastic stuff really. An article published by the Irish Independent on Feb 1st is a prime example of media sensationalism. The Independant’s insane treatment of “Magda”, the Polish woman who was demonised through selective misquotation, only for independant newspapers to be found out for libellous, hate mongering hacks they are. I understand people’s qualms with the shirt and when they were put to us eloquently and politely we answered appropriately, although these people were few and far between.
Due to the speed we sold the shirts at we’ll be giving a substantial cut of the money made to a charity we have yet to decide on.

That’ll be a good thing for you to do, might get people off your back a bit! So whens  tour starting and where will you be playing? And is your EP available to download anywhere?

Our tour starts in June and we’re starting with the UK. We’re just waiting to solidify dates in Europe before we properly commit to Europe but we’ll certainly be doing a UK tour. Our music is available at and news on our Facebook or, our first tape is available for free and you can listen to a song from the split on the Bandcamp. There is also a video for Suburbia Nervosa (another song off our split) on YouTube. It was directed by our good friend Hugh Mulhern so check it out.

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~ White Collar Boy ~

There has been a massive buzz about White Collar Boy (Gavin White and Mark Cummins) in recent months, with the release of their new music video “Capslock’ Featuring Gemma Dunlovely the band has sky rocketed with success. They supported Factory Floor on Saturday night in Tripod and went down a storm. We here at Littlegreen are massive supporters of the Dublin based duo and caught up with them for a chat.

You must be delighted with all the recent hype about you guys, how long have you been a group and how did you get together to form White Collar Boy?

We are delighted, but we only started playing live and writing towards the end of the last summer, so we’re only getting towards where we want to be now. We met at Primavera in Barcelona and struck up a friendship especially over the music we were into. We first started off sending each other samples and what not due to college commitments but as soon as summer came round we went into performing together and it took a whole new lease of life! We’ve loved the reaction we’ve gotten from the live show and the release of the Solar Midnight digital EP, so we’re excited about this year!

Wow, that’s good going for a duo that have been together for such a short time! What instruments do you use when you play? Or it mostly software based?

When we’re recording we use a number of instruments/vsts but the live set up is based around two synths, a novation and a micro-korg Xl, and Gav mainly uses the Maschine as a sampler and a drum machine, Mark uses the APC40 as his sampler. We have live vocals as well, mainly from Gav but when we’re lucky enough Gemma Dunlovely sings whens she’s around too! We’re looking into bringing live percussion too!

Live percussion? That would be very impressive! How can you afford all the instruments and stuff? Do you record at home yourselves?

I wish we could say we earn a living out of this and that’s how we pay for it, but that’s something to aspire to do. We both work in Dublin and save any money we do get from gigs or DJing. We’ve started our own studio on Abbey Street, where ourselves and friends work in a sort of communal creative space. We used to record at home which was a great way to start but we wanted to move on and improve so we wanted our own space where we could work whenever we wanted! We also recorded Capslock with Gemma down the country during the summer, in the middle of no where, it was great!

Was that in a studio or in a cottage? What programmes do you use to mix your stuff? Is Gemma Dunlovely going to be doing more stuff with you in future or was Capslock a once off?

It was in Mark’s Aunties house, and it was really nice just to get away and be left to our own devices. We use Ableton and Logic Pro as the software, Mark prefers Ableton and I (Gav) prefer Logic, so we use the best of both. Yeah, her voice adds a different demension to the our music, we have a track that features her that we will get out there as soon as it its ready so watch this space!

Oh exciting! So what’s the future plans for White Collar Boy? A tour? Festivals? Fill us in!

Well, we plan on releasing a record before the summer, probably a single or an EP, and do a tour in conjunction with that around our emerald isle. Then once summer comes we hope to be playing a couple of our favorite festivals.Thats all in the works so at the moment.

And you have a residency in Pygmalion (South William Street) I believe?

Yeah, the residency at Pygmalion has been really enjoyable. Every second Thursday we welcome in a similarly minded electronic act for a live performance around 10.30pm, followed by a DJ set from ourselves till the small hours. It took off just before Christmas when we had Monto and Catscars in, and we’re really looking forward to the relaunch on February 9th when we have CLU and the Black Dot in for sets. Feb 23rd sees us welcome Trophy Boyfriend. It’s always free in too, never any cover charge.

The night keeps us on our toes in a couple of regards, we’re constantly on the look out for new tunes to spin and also we’re always eager to here fresh talent that we could have in for a live show.

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~ Gemma Dunlovely ~

Gemma Dunlovely, the 20 year old girl from Dublin that has everyone talking, grew up on Sheriff Street in Dublin’s inner city. She lived a few doors down from the late Stephen Gately and would spend hours upon hours in front of her fireplace singing Boyzone songs hoping one day she would sing for him, and when she met him she froze, stone dead, devastated with herself, but she kept on singing. She then went on to sing on the Late Late Toy Show when she was 9 and continued to practice and perfecting her voice with lessons.

From an early age she obviously had a keep passion for music and was singing and recording songs on her walkman when she was 8, trying to play any instrument she got her hands on. Her taste in music got a little better and she became a lover of Etta James. She learned to play drums, xylophone and guitar herself, googling images of how your hands look when you play each chord, yep, just like Phoebe from Friends.

emma went onto practicing guitar and writing her own stuff, with a collection of secret songs she was too afraid to show anyone. The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, however, spotted the hidden talent within her and invited her to enroll in the prestigious Institution, run by Sir Paul McCartney.

Her confidence grew and she started to record and perform her work, both as a solo artist and in Slow Lorris (a folk-pop duo consisting of Gemma and her college friend James Wyatt) her voice and demure was striking to people, this little, hippy, fairy looking girl gets on up stage, ukulele in hand, people expect a high pitched, quiet voice, but Dunlovely comes out with this husky, sexy and appealing vocal. She got everyone’s attention on her first lines when she performed first.

Gemma has been recently working collaborating with Dublin based duo White Collar Boy and Dublin garage DJ Frankie Bingo on respective tracks. For fans of Laura Marling check Gemma Dunlovely out.

I  caught up with Dunlovely while she was home for Christmas to ask her a few questions.

 So Gemma how are you finding Liverpool?

Yeah it’s brilliant, I was so busy last year making loads of music both on my own and with Slow Loris. We have a video EP recorded and we’re working on more stuff this year, our drummer lives in Brighton so I travel down to practice, which will hopefully open more doors for performing in different venues.  We have so much stuff recorded from last year so we need to just get performing with it. We are going to write more and perform more instead of recording so much. The sound I’m interested in is constantly changing so it’s just all about practicing and trying new stuff until you get it right.

 How about now? Are you working on anything at the moment?

I had a bit of a writing block for ages there, just nothing was inspiring me and I wasn’t getting motivated to write. I really enjoy doing session vocals at the moment, when I came back to Dublin I was asked to do vocals for White Collar Boy and for the first time in ages I felt like, really happy, I was in a great mood for about 4 days after I recorded with them. I forgot how good it made me feel to record. I hadn’t done it in ages because I had no ideas or inspiration at all, and when I HAD to do it because Mark (White Collar Boy) asked me, it kind of forced me to realize how much I actually do love performing, then we had the gigs and I felt great.

I would just be happy, to make a living off performing, fair enough everyone wants the finer things in life but what I would really love to do is get a van and tour Ireland singing and to collaborate with other artists live,  even if I was just making enough money for food and transport I’d be delighted.

 So your main plan is to go on tour in the future?

Yeah, well I’d love to do loads of festivals, like festivals is what I live for, you can’t get a better feel for music then going to perform or even see someone play at a festival. The only problem is that my music is changing, the music I’m doing with White Collar Boy at the moment is the music I would listen to right now, so I guess I’m in a transitional period with the direction I’m going, like my dream would be to do a collaboration with The Weekend, so I guess I’m going down that route of music rather then the folk genre I would previously of been associated with. Even recording with Frank (Bingo) now is brilliant because it’s the type of music I enjoy.

 Gemma, you’re a very pretty girl, do you find image matters loads in the industry?

No, not really like, I get really conscious on stage as it is, like I won’t get done up loads when I’m performing, I won’t even put my lipstick on, there is enough attention on me when I’m singing and I don’t like adding to that, it makes me too nervous. I think if you’re a good singer then you’re a good singer, that’s the most important thing. I don’t know how people see me or my image, I find it hard to think of people categorizing me into a type, I dress how I dress, I look how I look, if you like it then great but if people don’t like it I’m definitely not going to change how I look to suit them.

Gemma Dunlovely is still in the learning and growing stage of her music, it is an exciting and experimental time for her. Gemma is performing this Friday 13th with White Collar Boy at the “Ones to Watch” festival in Whelan’s and Saturday the 14th doing vocals for a live DJ set with Frankie Bingo in the Twisted Pepper.

Make sure to go see her, support her and be encapsulated by this talented little lady.

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